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Fungi and Algae have formed a very important relationship that has been the catalyst of creation for all plantlife as we know it today.


"The ancestors of land plants were algae who lived in water. They were able to photosythesize, to make energy from light and carbon dioxide, but they werent so good at absorbing nutrients from solid substrates. When they started washing up on swampy shores, they encountered fungi that were able to digest solids, and the two began a relationship of exchange that persists today..." - Merlin Sheldrake, PhD. in tropical ecology


Lionsmane Mushroom is a fungi, given to us by heavens above that enable us to digest and breakdown things in the mind and in the gut. 


Spirulina is a aglae given to us by the heavens above to aid us in cellular regeneration. It contains everything we need to live healthy lives, from protien to nucleic acid.


These two together will take your life experience on earth to a godly level.


Please feel free to get a detailed look at what makes these two products amazing for daily consumption by visiting their indivual product pages on our site.


The Evolution Pack

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